Stay Soft - KUNSTLABOR 2

Stay soft is a collaborative work with abstract artist Katalina Koss and Yolanda Ng at the 2nd edition of MUCA's Kunstlabor (Munich Urban Centre of Arts). Katalina Koss' sculptural installation pays homage to the diverse and transformative qualities of being a woman in today's society. The wall sculpture depicts colorful examples of femininity, telling stories of feminine character and ever-evolving beauty.


The video installation is by creative director and photographer Yolanda Ng and reflects the pressure society puts on women and how these expectations can be poisoned on social media. Staged with the unrealistic perfection of ubiquitous beauty norms and mannerisms, this video shows how femininity can be manipulated even in today's society. Each side of this room reflects the reality and unrealistic challenges of our modern world. 

Stay Soft is on exhibition at the Kunstlabor 2 (Kulturelle Zwischennutzung c/o ehemaliges Gesundheitshaus Dachauer Straße 90, 80335 München) from September 2021 and on-going.