During her long career in fashion, Yolanda started a blog capturing street style as a means of inspiration for new ideas. Being behind the camera quickly became less about the clothing and more about subject and storytelling, and the blog became to be more of a passion project that fuelled her vision.  As she ventured deeper into her career, she decided to retire from the fashion industry as a designer and delve fully into the world of photography.


Due to her immense love and experience she has in fashion, style and aesthetics 

still has a significant presence in her work and that has made her body of work in Fashion + Beauty, Interiors, Events and Street Style Photography uniquely signature to her style. 


Yolanda Ng current resides in Munich, Germany, with her two children. 

Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Yolanda Ng started her early career as an professionally-trained fashion designer. For 15 years, she headed her own label and designed for various fashion houses and luxury brands. Through her travels and working across three continents, she has gained her own unique vision and perspective in the ways she sees and capture society and lifestyle in her photographs.



+49 160 322 6397

Munich, Germany