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Yolanda Ng was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. She is a Munich-based photographer and creative consultant who seeks to capture the zeitgeist and stories of today's society through imagery and photography.  Before becoming a photographer, Yolanda worked as a senior and chief fashion designer for the fashion houses of Escada and Moiselle Asia, as well as being the creative director of Berlin children's wear label, Amore di Mamma.



Yolanda started her photographic career by creating a street style blog in her adopted country of Germany. Determined to get a better understanding of the creative underbelly of her new home, she decided to capture those who stood out with authentic individual style whom she would come across on the streets. As her photographic style developed from street style to portraiture, she was compelled to photograph more than just a person's outfit. The architecture and location became equally as important, but grittier and taboo details including graffiti, phones, coffee cups, cigarettes, the tattoos and piercings convey more honest realism to the stories she encapsulates in her photos. 


Capturing these details meant specifically time capsuling the current generation in imagery where the photos reveal many important aspects of urban culture as it is today - a fast forward society that is rapidly breaking away from the many norms of yesterday and embracing a world of change and acceptance. This movement, as well as, multiculturalism, rebellion, gender roles, commercialism and technology are all important themes in Yolanda's photography. It is her journey as a photographer to capture the small singular stories of a much bigger picture of the evolving world today.

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